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We also deal in renting out 1 ton/1.5 ton split air conditioners on monthly rental basis, subject to following terms and conditions. Rental amount is Rs. 1200 to 1400 (depends on location)

Terms and Conditions:

1. The client has no right to re sell or shift anywhere as the above split air conditioners are installed on rental basis only.
2. The installed split air conditioners will be serviced and rectified by the authorized mechanic of vendor only. The client has no right to repair/rectify by his own staff.
3. The breakdown calls will be attended within 24 to 48 Hrs.
4. The minimum period of this contract is SIX (6) months from the date of installation and it can be extended as long as the client’s need.
5. If the client wants not to continue after SIX months should be informed in one month advance notice by the client.
6. The rental for each 1Ton is Rs.1200/- to Rs.1400 each. (depends on location)
7. Deposit amount of three months rental per unit (Refundable) must be paid in advance while installing the unit.
8. Rs.3,000/- per unit to be paid by the client for installation and de-installation of the split air conditioners at the time of installation which is not refundable
9. This agreement itself a receipt for your above payment.
10. On or before of 5th of every English month, the rental for each unit should be paid.
11. The vendor has right to inspect his split air conditioners at any time with prior approval of the client.
12. During the rental period if the remote found to be repaired/ replace will be charged on client.

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